Want to join in on a giveaway but don't know how? This is how they work.
First of all there are 2 types of giveaways: Keyword- and Ticket raffles.

Keyword Raffles

Mellow Free Raffle


You can join this giveaway by typing in the keyword that is set by Tim.
MSSbHot posts a chatline every couple of minutes with the word that you need to type in chat. Not sure if you already typed the keyword? Type !mellows to check. If there is a (k) after the amount of Mellows you have? You're in! If not, type the keyword.

These giveaways are free, so you don't need any Mellows to join.
You do, however, need to be a follower on Twitch and Twitter!

Ticket Raffles

Mellow Raffle

!ticket [x]

When this raffle is live you need to buy Tickets with your Mellows.
A ticket will cost 100 Mellows and the amount of tickets you can buy will be posted in chat and on stream!

Use !ticket [x] to buy tickets. The [x] stands for the amount of tickets you want to buy. You can check the amount of tickets you have bought by typing !mellows. This will show your amount of Mellows followed by: (xxxx) the (xxxx) indicates how many Mellows you have spend. so if you bought 10 tickets it will say (1000)!

You also need to be a follower on Twitch and Twitter!

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